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"Riding waves and living the surfer lifestyle has been a fundamental part of who I am since childhood. As a second generation wave rider and former pro surfer with regard for all types of surf craft, I've dedicated my life to being around the ocean and the pursuit of riding its waves. I'm proud to share my experience with you through Mindfulrider"

Sean Tully, Founder



The Story

Growing up in southern California under the tutelage of a father who surfed and understood proper form and style, I was raised on the beaches from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara surfing the iconic waves that helped establish California beach culture back in the 1950's and 1960's. Throughout my early twenties, I traveled under sponsorship from top companies such as Quiksilver and was fortunate enough to work with world-renown surf photographers to achieve a fair amount of industry support and recognition. Ironically, my focus today has reverted back to my initial surf interests as a youth; mainly hanging at the beach, riding waves, and having as much fun as possible!



The Goal

With years of experience in and around the water, I feel uniquely qualified to help you take your surfing experience to the next level. My primary goals as your friend and surf mentor are safety in and out of the water, perfecting your wave selection, positioning and style, maximizing your wave count, teaching history and respect, and most importantly making sure you have a blast! From first-time surfers to 25-year vets, Mindfulrider is an authentic surf experience not found elsewhere. The physical challenge and positive mental well-being achieved through the act of riding waves is a special gift and it's my hope's that your experience with Mindfulrider will be unique and unforgettable.