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Surf Lessons

Tailored to beginner or experienced surfers, these lessons include a short on-land talk where you'll learn basic technique, ocean awareness, and surf etiquette to begin your surfing experience. In-water lesson lasts about 1 hour. Most beginner lessons are 1.5 hours long but can be shortened or lengthened as it suits the individual. As you progress, less time is spent on-land and more time in-water. Each lesson is attuned to maximize your experience as surfing ability develops!


The Hang

For those seeking a bit more of the authentic California surfing experience, we'll surf different breaks, hang at the beach, meet the regulars, stop by the surf shop, talk story, eat lunch, and basically enjoy the surfer lifestyle. With distinct knowledge of the beaches and surfers from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, Mindfulrider will get you the authentic California surfing experience not found through any other surf instructor or program. Experience surfing for what it is, a lifestyle.


Adventure Sailing

Enjoy the pristine natural beauty of California's Channel Islands while cruising aboard the 72' Morning Star as we embark on a casual sail in search of surf and adventure. Let Mindfulrider organize and facilitate a most memorable day trip or overnight stay aboard this beautiful vessel. The Channel Islands, commonly referred to as the American Galapagos, is a wilderness that covers 5 pristine uninhabited islands and the surrounding sea. This amazing area boasts world class fishing, coveted surf locations, and unchallenged views.


Camping Getaway

Get outside Los Angeles an hour or so and you'd be surprised with the coastal beauty that exists on the fringe of LA's urban sprawl. There's some great options for coastal camping and the potential for surf is eminent. Let's get away for a day or two, catch some waves and warm up over a proper fire. In the morning after a nice cup of coffee, you'll be stoked that you and your friends are the only ones out for the morning surf! Mindfulrider knows when, where, and how to make this happen. 



Surf Travel Guide

The practical knowledge and cultural experience gained through travel is priceless and with so much surf potential out there, the possibilities are infinite.  Mindfulrider knows the ins and outs of surf travel well and can help organize everything for you (travel locations, accommodations, car rental, air travel, etc.) ensuring that travel experience is maximized instead of your stress level. Once there, we'll get you into the best waves possible and see to it that you have the surf experience of a lifetime.